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The Advertising museum in London is perhaps one of the lesser known about and smaller of the London Museums. It is however a place to spend the day and will not only bring back memories but or your own childhood it will also give you a great insight into social history of the past.

The museum holds various new exhibitions throughout the year and these will be listed here. Remember to sign up to our RSS feed or Ezine to be kept up to date.

Current Exhibition

None at present

Past Exhibitions

60 Years Ago

31st August 2013

An exhibition which shows the excitement of the Queen's Coronation in 1953.

Items such as flags and souvenirs such as teapots, thermos flasks and tin sweets. To name a few are on display. 

Jubilee, Jubilee

From 3rd April - 31 August 2012

2012 is of course the Queen of England's diamond Jubilee year and so we couldn't let it go buy without a special exhibition to mark it.

This exhibition will include items and souvenirs from previous Royal jubilees. These will include:

  • Mementoes of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee of 1897,
  • George V's Silver Jubilee of 1935
  • Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee of 1977

There will also be a display of this year's Silver Jubilee souvenirs which have only recently gone on sale.

Royal Wedding Souvenirs

Every Royal wedding from the past has brought with it a mountain of commemorative souvenirs to mark the celebrations.

Thirty years ago it was Charles and Diana, this year it was William and Kate. Both have spurred some lovely and strange and some very odd items to mark their weddings, such as:

  • knitted dolls
  • Plates
  • Tea towels
  • Special edition packs of tea.

There are hundreds of royal mementoes on display in the Advertising museum.

Packaging a Sustainable Future

Packaging, packaging everywhere. We seem to be drowning in packaging these days and it has become a hot topic of conversation over recent years.

One of the challenges for the brands is to keep their packaging relevant and innovative to persuade people that it is a very necessary item.

This exhibition explains the importance of packaging and how companies are trying to make it more environmentally conscious.

Waste Not, Want Not

This exhibition looks at how during the second world war rationally and the make do and mend culture was important to the war effort when raw materials were in short supply.

The exhibition is also designed to inform the present and future generations about how important it is today to repeat the recycling habits of the past to ensure our planets future.

Details of the events at the museum of brands were correct at the time of publishing. 

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