Unusual Museums in London 
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Discover unusual Museums in London and give yourself a real treat. Most people visit the major London Museums and think they have seen he best of London, but you could be missing a real gem. 

Being a Londoner all my life I have unearthed some hidden treasures amongst the plethora of London attractions. Some of them rather unique and some of them rather strange indeed.

I have listed some of the best ones I have found which I think you will enjoy.

Unusual Museums in London

Geffrye Museum

Cartoon Museum

Sherlock Holmes Museum

Museum of Brands

All Hallows By The Tower

Foundling Museum

Sir John Soanes Museum

The Clink Museum

Fan Museum

Kirkaldy Museum

Geffrye Museum - This is one of my favourite and most visited museums. It contains a collection of house interiors from the last 400 years. It is both cosy and modern at the same time with a fabulous restaurant and garden.

Cartoon Museum - From the 18th century to the modern day, you will discover hundreds of examples British cartoons and caricatures.

Sherlock Holmes Museum - Don't tell anyone but Sherlock Holmes was a fictional character. Never the less Baker Street is real place and number 21b has been turned into Sherlock's famous residence. If you're a fan of the books this is a must visit.

Museum of Brands - If you are into graphic design and typography or if you are interested in social history as I am this is a great unusual museum. Over 12,000 branded items are in this collection. 

All Hallows By the Tower Crypt Museum
A very atmospheric museum in the Crypt of the City of London's Oldest Church. Next to the Tower of London it has seen it's fair share of gruesome scenes.

Foundling Museum - A fascinating museum about children's hospital and charity who helped to find homes for abandoned children. Many original features still remain as well as the charities collection. The museum also contains a collection of Handel Memorabilia.

Sir John Soanes Museum - This is one of the most unusual museums I have ever been in. It is set inside a Victorian terrace which John Soanes designed and rebuilt himself several times. The interior is absolutely crammed full of many statures and antiquities that he collected. It has to be seen to be believed.

The Clink Prison Museum - This museum is for those who enjoy learning more about London's more grisly history. Situated on the site of one of London's oldest and more notorious prisons on the south bank.

Fan Museum - A unique collection of more than 3,500 predominantly antique fans from around the world. It is the only one in the whole world dedicated completely to fans and fan making.

Kirkaldy testing museum - A very unique little museum which contains Kirkaldy's huge testing machine and other modern equivalents. If engineering is your thing then this is an great museum to check out.

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