British Museum
Jewel in the crown of London Museums

The British Museum , what can I say, this is quite simply one of the nation's best and favorite. It has in recent years gone through a fantastic transformation with updated galleries and a central court area which is just simply stunning.

The Opening Hours are:

Open daily between 10.00am - 17.30.

Closed 1 January, 24, 25, 26 December.

FREE to visit but there is a charge for special exhibitions (these charges vary)

Address: Great Russell Street, WC1B 3DG

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The museum contains a huge collection of items from all over the world representing ancient civilizations and a snap shot of the history of the world and its development.

You will not find one part which does not contain something marvelous. I have been visiting the British museum all my life and I still discover new and exciting exhibits every time I go.

This is a large museum and it is unlikely that you will see everything in one day. My advice is don't try to do too much, pick up a guide when you enter and take some time to decide which areas you would like to see the most. I will give you some item here via information, pictures and videos to give you a good idea of what you may like to go see.

    There are always new and exciting exhibitions throughout the year. Check this page for the latest news.


I have chosen 6 items within the collection which I found of particular interest and which the British Museum itself highlights as items most popular with visitors. These are:

There are at least 8 million items in the collection. Trying to pick out individual items of special interest is almost impossible as everything in the collection is fascinating, everyone will have their own favorites though of course.

The Collections

The collections are spread over three floors and are categorized by their geographical location. You will definitely need a map to find your way around (you can download one here or pick one up during your visit)

Follow the links for more on each collection including pictures and videos.
The areas covered are:

British Museum Mummies
British Museum Sculpture

Eating  And Shopping

It gets very busy at times and so I strongly recommend that you try to arrive as early as possible, make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes and clothing and that you take regular breaks throughout the day. This way you will not become too tired which can, as I find, spoil your enjoyment of the collections.

Great Court at the British Museum

Eating Places

There are three main eating places within the British museum.

For light snacks there are two cafe spots in the great court area in the centre of the building. Here you can buy sandwiches and cakes as well as hot and cold drinks.

For something a little more substantial there is the Gallery Cafe located on the ground floor. As well as cold snacks there is a selection of meals such as pasta dishes, soups and salads.

For a real treat there is the Court restaurant situated above the reading room in the great court. Top quality food is served here so expect to pay top prices. I would also recommend booking in advance for a reservation to ensure you get a place.


There is of course a place for you to buy a memento of your visit, in fact there are four separate shops to cater to everyone's needs.

There is s book shop - buy books about ancient history, art history, archaeology and other books related to the collections.

Family shop - As the names suggests this shop caters for the needs of its younger visitors, everything from games and puzzles to educational items.

Collections shop - This sells items specific to the collections. Such as replica items and postcards of the collections.

Culture shop - This sells luxury items which are perfect for gifts. Find exquisite scarves and jewellery as well as watches and statuettes.

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