British Natural History Museum Earth Hall

The British Natural History Museum Earth Hall is one of the newest galleries added in recent years.

This area of the museum feels totally different from the rest, it feels totally new, very big open galleries and the exhibits are displayed and shown in a totally different way.

From the moment you walk into the earth hall you notice the totally contemporary feel, a large globe is situated in the entrance to the gallery which in itself is impressive but that is nothing to the wow factor of the central hall.

As you walk into the main hall you are confronted with a large open hall which is dominated by a huge globe suspended in the air which can be ridden through via an escalator.

As you travel through the center of the Globe your senses are attacked by both visually and audio with coloured lights and music.

The escalator leads you up to the upper galleries where you will discover how a Volcano works, what causes earth quakes and tsunamis and how our planet is constantly changing.

In the main hall there are six bronze statues which depict mans changing perceptions of the earth. Mythical creatures, a space man and atlas are used to illustrate how man once thought the planet worked or was controlled. These statues puzzled me at first but once i took a closer look at the explanations and objects around the staues, things became much clearer and suddenly all made sense.

One of the main things you will notice about this earth gallery is that exhibits are no longer kept in cabinets behind glass. Instead there are large video screens and interactive displays all designed to engage with the visitor and to encourage real understanding and learning.

british natural history museum picture by taygate05
british natural history museum picture by nickstone333

Crystals and minerals, rocks and fossils all displayed in a new and inventive way, which as far as I’m concerned is a huge improvement.

Personally I I used to skip this part of the museum when they were displayed in the old folssils area of the museum when i was a kid. Rows and rows of boring roacks and fcrsyals really used to bore me silly.

But now I found myself really engaged and fascinated in them. Everything is lit up and displayed in such a way that you can't help yourself but to look at them. I was so excited by these displays that I actually decided to find out more about them myself later.

I’m sure this is exactly what the British Natural History Museum had aimed for when they designed this area of the museum, to education and increase understanding to the wider public.

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