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So you're looking for an cheap airfare to London? Well there are plenty to choose from and of course the prices change daily, so the deal you get will always depend on when you book.

My advice is to set yourself a budget and stop obsessing about getting the absolute lowest price. Yo could spend forever trying to find the best deal.

Your best option is to use a company like Trip Advisor to find the best deals for you. All you have to do is enter your details and it will go off and find the best prices for you.

Cost vs Comfort

OK so everyone's looking for a cheap airfare to London. In these tough economic times saving money and being frugal is high on everyone's list. But you should consider a few things before you book the cheapest airline tickets to London.

There's nothing worse than arriving at your destination feeling tired, achy, annoyed or fed up, and a bad flight can cause of of these.

So before you book yor cheap airfare to london consider:

  • How long is your flight?
  • will you get a meal on the plane and if so what will it consist of?
  • Will you have enough leg room for your height?
  • Will the plane be landing at an airport as close as possible to your destination?

My recommendation is to not always go for the cheapest option. Sometimes by paying just a few dollars, pounds more etc you may get a lot more for your money and will begin your trip to London in the best possible frame of mind and comfort.

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London's Airports

London is served by five airports, however only one is actually in London itself (the smallest). Arriving at any of the four main airports you will still have some considerable way to travel to actually get into London itself. At any of these airports you will find flights with a cheap airfare to london operator.

The following information will help you plan ahead once you reach the airport. Some travel tickets can be bought in advance online, check the operators website. others are available at stations and at kiosks in the terminals.


The largest and currently the worlds busiest international airport. It is 15 miles West of Central London - Most trans Atlantic flights land here.

The airport has 5 terminals each with their own left luggage and currency exchange facilities. There are also 3 International hotels within walking distance of the airport if you can't face any more travelling when you arrive.

Getting to and from the Airport

So you've booked your cheap airfare to london using the Trip Advisor tool above, now you have to get from the airport into the city. Here are your options for Heathrow.

One-way Private Transfer from Heathrow Airport to Central London»

Shuttle Transfer from Heathrow Airport to Central London Hotel»

Hotel Hoppa bus - every 15 to 30 minutes to nearby hotels. kids travel free

Underground Trains - The Cheapest option. Runs every 3 to 9 minutes.
From 6am - 12:30am week days - 7am - 11.30pm Sundays

Heathrow Express Train - Runs every 15 minutes from 5am and takes only 15 minutes to central London.

Taxi - Estimate cost £45 - £65

National Express Bus - Every 30 minutes. Takes 45 minutes to and hour to London.


Located 30 miles South of London this airport mainly serves European flights. there are two terminals which are linked by a 3 minute shuttle train.

Getting to and from the Airport

One-way Private Transfer from Gatwick Airport to Central London »

Shuttle Transfer from Gatwick Airport to Central London Hotel»

Train - Reaching London Bridge by train takes 30 minutes. From £7

Gatwick Express - From £17.50. Every 15 minutes runs 4.30am - 1.30am

National Express bus - 65 - 90 minutes to London

Taxi - Estimate cost £90


35 miles North East of the city it again serves mainly European flights and is exclusively used by the cheaper airlines.

The airport is served by the Stanstead express train service which takes about 45 minutes to reach Liverpool Street Station.

There are also several bus services running from the airport, National express, easybus and Terravision coaches.

Taxi - Estimate cost £90


This much smaller airport than the others is 32 miles North West of London. It is also exclusively used by the cheaper airlines.

A 30 to 40 minute train ride will get you into the center of London.

Easy bus and Green Line Buses are available every half an hour, taking between 60 and 90 minutes to reach Victoria Station in London.

Taxi - Estimate cost £90

London City

Just 6 minutes from the center of London based in the Docklands area of London. Mainly used by business travellers, internal flights and some European travel.

The airport is served by the Docklands Lights railway service which is quite fun in itself. With its driver less narrow small trains often on mono rails above the streets, it can feel like a bit of a roller coaster I find.

OK so now you've booked your cheap airfare to london flight, what about a Hotel...

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