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The Museum Of Childhood in London is a magical place bringing back to life many of our childhood memories of toys and of being a child.

The museum holds many new and exciting exhibitions and events throughout the year. Stay up to day with them here. Don't forget to subscribe to our Free Ezine "London Museums News" to be kept up to date every month.

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Current Exhibition

Daydreams and Diaries: The Story of Jacqueline Wilson 
Until 2nd November 2014

This exhibition celebrates all things Jacqueline Wilson including:

  • original notebooks
  • childhood toys
  • school reports and diaries

Past Exhibitions Museum of Childhood

A Treasured Collection at the Museum of Childhood

22 Dec - 1 Sep 2013

A Treasured Collection is an exciting and diverse group of 'mini museums' made with adults and children.

The items on display are things which mean something very persona to each contributor and which help tell a story of that person's life and experiences.  Objects can provide a way of holding on to an intangible memory.

Happy Birthday, Mr Punch

14 July - 9 December

To celebrate Mr Punch’s 350th birthday, the museum will be hosting a small display and an exhibition.

Playing In or Out?

31 March - 4 November 2012

New Front Room display Playing In or Out? is an examination of how the idea of children playing indoors and playing outdoors have changed dramatically over the past 50 years

Mascots of the Olympic Games

19 May - 28 October

Since 1972,every Olympic games has had its own mascot. This is a small display showcasing 38 mascots from past summer and winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Beautiful Games

31 March - 9 September 2012

70 plus Items of cutting edge sports equipment and historic memorabilia which includes objects such as:

  • a state-of-the-art Planet X bike,
  • an official 2010 World Cup football
  •  Cheetah® running blade.

As part of the exhibition, visitors young and old can get their own blood pumping with a white knuckle ride in a virtual skeleton bobsleigh.

Magic Worlds

8 October 2011 - 4 March 2012

A magical exhibition full of whimsy and fascination, looking at how magic has been welcomed into our lives for hundreds of years.

Throughout history magicians have been held in great esteem and wonder and this exhibition investigates how magic has influenced writers and other artists in their writing and work.

This exhibition is a trip through miniature worlds of magic and fantasy with objects on display such as costumes, tricks, film, toys, puppets and other magic related items.

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