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The Cartoon Museum In London holds several new exhibitions throughout the year on top of their usual exhibitions.

This museum for any cartoon enthusiast is a goldmine and the special exhibitions held are often of not previously seen works.

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Current Exhibition

Never Again! World War I in Cartoon and Comic Art

11 June - 19 October 2014

As part of the 100 year commemorations of the first world war, the cartoon museum is showing over 300 cartoons covering subjects such as life in the trenches, popular songs of the day and life at home during the war.

As well as cartoons from the period there are also items such as children s comics of the day, cigarette cards and maps.

A fascinating exhibition showing how cartoons were used to both help people laugh at war whilst also publicizing serious issues. More Information

Past Exhibitions at the Cartoon Museum

Spitting Image - Until June 2014

Featured are caricature drawings and photographs of:

  • Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, Kate Moss, Saddam Hussein,
  • Billy Connolly, Rupert Murdoch, Jo Brand and John Paul II

STEADman @77

1st May - 8th Sept 2013

A Dandy 75th
Birthday Exhibition

24 October - 24 December 2012

The Dandy is Britain's longest-running comic.

For 75 years it has entertained generations of British children. This exhibition looks at The Dandy from its birth in 1937 to its 75th birthday on 4 December 2012. It also looks forward as Dandy prepares to embark on a new digital adventure.

Her Maj 

1st February - 8th April 2012

2012 is the year of the queens Diamond Jubilee and as such the museum wanted to put on an exhibition with a royal flavour. Her Maj is a collection of cartoons and caricatures which range from the dam right rude to the hysterically funny, but all done with an air of affection and tongue in cheek.

Cartoons of the queen was generally accepted right up until the 1950's as something that just was not done. The Royal family could be referred to but not shown. However since 1950 this veil of invisibility has lifted and she has been depicted in all sorts of different cartoons, some respectful others not so.

There are over 80 images done by thirty cartoonists in this exhibition and which shows the changing face and social standing within society of the monarchy over the last60 years.

Cartoonists included in the exhibition include Steve Bell, Peter Brookes, Dave Brown and Michael Cummings.

H.M Bateman The Man Who Went Mad On Paper

11th April - 22 July 2012

H.M.Bateman (1887 -1870) is accepted as the mastery of 20th century British Cartoons. This exhibition takes a look at all the different times in his career. From his early theatrical subjects to his most famous works from the series known as "The Man Who...".

As well as his famous cartoons there will also be on display works which have never been displayed before, as well as his sketchbooks and various ephemera from his life.

This is a major exhibition of Batemans cartoons.

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