Treasures in the Cadogan Gallery

Treasures in the Cadogan Gallery - One thing you cannot accuse the Natural History Museum in London of is being boring and old fashioned. This new recently opened exhibition typifies the many wondrous things you can see amongst this museums enormous collection of natural wonders.

All of the items on display are considered some of the museums most prized possessions and which have been hidden from view for many years.

Many of the items have been used for study by scientists to help them understand the natural world and have therefore been unavailable for diplay until now.

At last these amazing items can be seen by the general public in a specially designed gallery space all of there own.

Items which are on display include

  • A 200-million-year-old nacreous ammonite which led to the discovery that the rocks are layered through time.

  • Rare first edition of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species.

  • Dinosaur teeth that were the first items to tell us that giant reptiles once walked on Earth

  • The 147-million-year-old Archaeopteryx that was one of the items to tell us that birds evolved from dinosaurs.

  • A Wallace butterfly 

  • Tower of London lion skull 

  • Dodo skeleton

  • Guy the gorilla

  • Moon rock

The gallery itself is rather beautiful in it's own right with ornate stained glass windows covering the walls, and the oak TREE installation which was first created by the artist Tania Kovats to celebrate Charles Darwin’s bicentenary, is set into the ceiling.

This new treasures gallery is bound to become one of the most popular the museum holds. Don't take myb word for it though, come and see for yourself.

treasures at the Natural History Museum London

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