Unseen Enemy Exhibition

Unseen Enemy Opens 19 July 2013 -  Location - Special Exhibition Gallery

This exhibition explores one of the most dangerous aspects of the current war at the moment. The hidden explosives known as IEDs (improvised Explosive Devices. Devices which as their names suggest are homemade and as such extremely unpredictable. 

The exhibition follows the men and women of the armed forces in Afghanistan whose daily job is to seek and disarm these highly volatile explosive devices.

Included in the exhibit are personal items belonging to the soldiers, Interviews and photographs taken whilst on and off duty.  Items of equipment used such as detectors and disarming devices can also be seen. 

Although covering a very dangerous and life threatening subject the exhibition also seeks to show the relationships the soldiers have between themselves and how they cope with the huge stresses of their jobs. It also shows how explosions affect the soldiers both mentally and physically and how any injuries are treated. Also how the soldiers recover at home and how they adapt to their life changing injuries. 

The exhibition has some interactive aspects where you as the visitor can test your own bravery as you search for unexploded devices yourself in the footsteps of the soldiers. 

A very poignant exhibition which many UK families are currently living with the consequences of its subject matter. Which is shared with the rest of us to give us a better understanding of some of the terrible day to day experiences our armed forces are faced with during this current conflict.

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