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The Bank of England Museum is a fascinating place to visit and one of those London Museums which can easily be missed out on a visitors itinerary. However it really is a rather unusual and interesting museum, presented within the bank itself and in a modern and stimulating way.

Throughout the year the museums hold special new exhibitions, events and talks. This page will keep you up to date with what's going on at the Bank of England Museum. Subscribe via our RSS feed or our FREE monthly newsletter to be notified of new events.

Current Exhibitions

Curiosities from the vaults: A Bank miscellany

31 March - Friday 11 July 2014

This exhibition presents a variety of unusual items never shown before, carefully selected by the Museum’s Curator to illustrate the sheer scope and diversity of the Bank’s collections, amassed during its long history and mainly acquired in the course of its business

Past Exhibitions 

Cartoons and Caricatures

17 May - 31 December - FREE

Read more about this exhibition

The Huguenot Legacy

14 February - 10 May 2013

This exhibition celebrates the achievements of the Huguenots and their early connection with the Bank.

The Bank and the Monarch

28 March - 8 June

This exhibition looks at the five portraits of the Queen which have appeared on notes since 1960.

Gold and the Bank of England

22 June - 31 January 2013

Examines the part gold has played during the Bank's long history and the role the bank has in relation to gold today.

Titanic documents on display

16 April - 10 November

See original documents and claims for the replacement of Bank notes from relatives of the victims of the disaster. This is the first time these documents have been on display in the museum. 

Crowning Glory - A Diamond Jubilee Celebration

During the school half term break between 6th and 8th June 2012 we are holding some special events for the kids to get involved in and to explore the connection between the bank and the Monarchy.

There will be special games and fun things to do in the museum as well as quizzes and competitions with prizes to be won.

If you've ever fancied breaking open a safe then this could be your opportunity too.

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