Museum of Brands

The museum of brands is a relatively new collection to our amazing groups of London museums. Although it has existed for 27 years it is only since 2005 that it has been located In London.

Some may think that this is a strange subject matter for a museum but it does in fact hold a great significance in our social history. A it charts how well known and not so well known brands have evolved through the years and how we have changed with them.

Opening Times and Admission

Adults £7.50 (Concessions £5.00)
Children (7-16) £3,
Family £20.00, Group discount 10%

Tues-Sat 10.00:18.00,
Sun 11.00:17.00

Closed Mondays except Bank Holidays
Closed during Notting Hill Carnival

111-117 Lancaster Road, London, W11 1QT UK

Tel: 207 243 9611

What's On at the museum.

The museum takes you through a time tunnel which charts over 150 years of British consumer history and contains over 12,000 items covering subjects such as packaging, toys, magazines, travel, souvenirs, fashion and design to name but a few.

The collection was amassed over a 45 years period by a man called Robert Opie who felt that by collecting and showing these items together it gives us a better overview of our consumer journey.

Museum Of Brands Highlights

Key features of the museum:

•       The Time Tunnel

A new look extended Time Tunnel will transport visitors through wars and coronations, changing fads and fashions, the coming of cinema, radio and television, the dramatic rise of branding and marketing, the spread of cheaper travel, the evolution of magazines and newspapers, and an endless stream of innovations that have made things more convenient for millions.

•       Channels to the Consumer

British multi-national Diageo, owners of heritage brands that include Guinness, Pimm’s and Gordon’s Gin, are supporters of the exhibition space ‘Channels to the Consumer’, which features a case study exploring two hundred years of promoting the Johnnie Walker brand and an advertising cinema charting 60 years of iconic TV campaigns. 

Museum of Brands

•       Branding Histories 

The history of the British brand told via its packaging. 

•       Brand Origins

The Brand Origins space tells the story of our best-loved brands. What makes a brand resonate with the public? Is it the name, colour, shape? Where do brands get their names from and what happens when a brand changes its name? Remember when Marathon bars became Snickers and Opal Fruits were renamed Starburst?

•       Packaging Innovations

Listening to consumers needs, manufacturers have made their products faster to open and better to reclose, quicker to dispense and easier to dispose of. Packs have become attractive objects kept for pleasure and even adapted for ongoing use when empty. Yet, in our competitive society, manufacturers have continually strived to reduce their costs and keep packaging to a necessary minimum, while maintaining the primary need to protect the product through each stage of its journey, ultimately delivering good to the consumer.

The collection also has pieces which show the major inventions which have been made during those 150 years. So you will also be able to see items such as:

  • 1895 Gower-bell telephone
  • 1911 Star vacuum cleaner
  • 1890 Rippingille oil warming stove
  • 1909 world's first portable gramophone

Spending some time amongst this collection really does bring back many fond memories from our past. I think probably most noticeable from the everyday packing items we still use today.

Well known brands such as corn flakes and Oxo have been with us for quite some time and it is fascinating to see how the brand has developed with society and how we have grown and changed together.

A fun museum and a great way to spend an afternoon, both adults and children of all ages will enjoy this collection.

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