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London museums come in all shapes and sizes, from the grand Victoria and Albert museum to the compact Pollocks Toy museum.  But what ever the size I can assure you that they will all amaze and delight. I know as I have visited them all.

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    Sensational Butterflies at the Natural History Museum London

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You will find information on:

93 London Museums 


Military History,



local history

and of course all of London's World famous Museums.

Major Museums

Although there are many museums in London there are a few who are considered a must see, I have listed these below.

British Museum

Natural History 

Victoria & Albert 


London Museum

Science Museum

Imperial War Museum

London Transport Museum

Docklands Museum

Don't forget to check out some of the other fantastic museums too. See below.

You can also find information about places to stay and even compare the prices on hotels around London.

Specialist Museums

Design Museum
Garden History
Fire Brigade

Unusual Museums

Discover something a little bit different. E.G.

Sherlock Holmes
the Click

Military Museums

Discover Britain's rich military history.

Medical Museums

All aspects of medical science. Including Florence Nightingale and Great Ormond St.

Sport Museums

Tennis, rugby, football and more

Historic Houses

London is full of fascinating historic houses too.

Local museums

There are many small museums celebrating London's smaller suburbs.

New Exhibitions and Events

There are always changing exhibitions and events happening in our museums. Subscribe to our Site to be kept up to date.

Free Museums

Although most of London's Major Museums are free, donations are very welcome to ensure that they remain free.

To make the most of your trip to London I have put together a few pages to make your visit as easy, pleasant and affordable as possible. After all I know just how expensive and hectic things can be when you're away from home. 

Where To Stay In London

Whether you are looking for luxury, boutique, cheap hotels or perhaps an apartment might suit you best. 

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London Day Trips

Day Trips around London and getting the most from your trip. 

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There are many places on the site where you can leave your own reviews of the museums you have visited in London, why not share your own experiences of our great museums.