Free Museums In London

There are many free museums in London both big and small. This was not always the case and may not always be the case in these difficult economic times, so we should take advantage of these wonderful London museums while we can.

However we also have many great museums where there is a charge and these should not be over looked. Many of these museums accept the London Pass which gives you both free entry, discounts and the ability to jump the queue.

Suggested Donations

Although the following London Museums are free to enter many of them will ask for a donation.

Many of these museums rely on charitable donations to be able to stay open, they do not receive any money from the government.

As you can appreciate it is important that these museums remain open and free to the public. So if you can make a donation during your visit it would be most appreciated

This Is The Current List of Free Admission Museums In London

Some of these museums are rather specialist but that does not mean that they are not open to everyone. 


British Museum

Natural History Museum

National Maritime Museum

Museum of London

Science Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum

Imperial War Museum

Air force Museum

National Army Museum

Wellcome Collection

Horniman Museum

Grant Museum

Petrie Museum

Docklands Museum

Faraday Museum

Museum of Childhood

Methodist Museum

Cuming Museum

Ragged School Museum

Bank of England Museum

Clock Museum

Sewing Machine Museum

Museum of the Home

All Hallows Museum

Hunterian Museum

Anaesthesia museum

Bethlem Hospital Museum

Optical Association Museum

great ormond hospital museum

Museum of Learning Disability museum

Order of St John Museum

Royal College of Physicians museum

Royal Pharmaceuticals museum

London Hospital Museum

St. Bartholomews
Hospital Museum

Hogarth House Museum

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